About the song: 'Shelter From The Storm' 


Artist’s comments: This blues rock single opens with a howling slide guitar that sets the tone, carrying and sustaining the intensity of the lament throughout. With a nod to the storytelling tradition of folk music, the song is about the apparent consequences of climate change as told through the eyes of a field hand surrounded by natural disasters.

In the year 2019 Nature’s fury left countless people homeless, destroying crops and lives. Farmers standing in flooded fields filled my mind; farmers facing drought haunted me. Then came tornados flattening everything in their path with images of people running for their lives from flooding, wind, and flying debris. What is left after facing the storms of life? Caught in the wake of this misery, where do we go for shelter from the storm? 

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Shelter from the Storm - (Fred Hostetler-ascap) 

I hear the wind, howling, whistling through the trees The grain fields are flattened, the thunder sounds And the pounding rain, keeps pouring down 
And I'm trying to make it home 

And find shelter from the storm. Trying to make it home shut the door And find shelter from the storm. 

Black clouds swirl around my head 
Lightning bolts and thunder crashing down, 
I'm lucky I'm not dead 
Even the earth shakes in fear 
And I'm trying to get there 
Behind the door inside my home 
And find shelter from the storm 
Trying to make it home, shut the door 
And find shelter from the storm, shelter from the storm 

Nature's fury got me, my body bent against the wind Holding on for dear life, seems like troubles my only friend I'm standing all alone, Lord have mercy on my soul 
Trying to make it home, shut the door 
And find shelter from the storm. 

Trying to make it home, shut the door 
And find shelter from the storm. Shelter from the storm 

I'm soaking wet, soaked down to the bone 
No sun no moon, to light my way home 
The storms of life just keep raging, there's nowhere to hide Only in my heart can I abide, 
To find shelter from the storm 
Only in my heart can I abide 
To find shelter from the storm 
Shelter from the storm... 

Release date: 30 January 2020


About the song: 'You Don't Know What You Don't Know' 

August 2019 

Writing lyrics can be very tedious, but this was one of those rare moments when it was really fun and emerged mostly spontaneously over a simple guitar line. It was like going back to the source, a refreshing experience on the barren wastelands of present day galloping individualism, which oddly enough is the inspiration for penning this piece. We live in a world of 'I and mine'. We have blind spots in the way we see things and ourselves that damage society and endanger the earth herself. We are unaware of our own ignorance. 

We don't know what we don't know. In fact, we cannot know because of the confusion and control caused by corporate greed, political powers, and just downright selfishness. Screens, devices, and modern urban life are confusing and distracting us, separating us from our own nature. In danger of losing our way, we are trying to drive a broken machine down a pot-holed road to nowhere (or worse). That sentence reminds me of AC/ DC's song 'Highway to Hell’. 

Who are we and where are we going? "The trouble is... you don't know. You don't know what you don’t know. We might all be swept away." So pay attention. Be aware. There is inner and outer work to be done. Pay attention to what you say, what you do, and be mindful. Peace.


You Don't Know, What You Don't Know (F.Hostetler-2019 ascap) 

I got a message on my phone, came outta the blue, but it was right on, and it rang true. It said, "You don't know, what you don't know 
You don't know, whatcha don't know" 
So be aware, be aware, beware You reap just what you sew 

Just open your eyes, take a look around 
Better get prepared, for what's coming down. The wheels are turning, spinning out of control, Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go 
Like a runaway train, about to jump the track 

Warning flags are waving, stand back, watch your back. 

Refrain: You don't know, what you don't know, You don't know, whatcha don't know, 2x 

Get outta the box, turn the page 
Take a walk outside, see a brand new day 
Now is the time, to make a change 
Ready yourself, we're movin' to a different stage, C'mon people now live and learn, Before it all falls down, and we crash and burn. 

This 'ME FIRST' feeling, gotta be the worst 
It’s a game for fools, who forget the Golden Rule 
They're moving too fast, always talking trash 
Everywhere they go, they're gonna be reaping what they sew, everywhere you go, gonna reap what you sew, everywhere you go you're gonna reap what you sew. 

Outro: You don't know...what ya don't know. You don't know what you don't know. You don't know what you don't know... the trouble is... the trouble is...we might all be swept away, we’ve got to pray or they’ll be hell to pay, they’ll be hell to pay, pray, pray...

Artist’s comments: ‘He’s Gone Rogue’ 

The moment I heard this phrase while watching the national news I knew I had to write this song. The Ken Burns documentary on Country Music and Stephen Colbert’s Late Night monologues provided the fuel and impetus to give it a meaningful lyric and proper bluesy country format to complete it.

I hoped the eclectic arrangement and production would provide the sort of humorous context needed for political/social comment and the implications of the lyric. Acoustic guitar fingerpicking romps along over layered drums with pedal steel guitar providing the melodrama.

He’s Gone Rogue

Time for intervention, 
You know what he’s done 
He went rogue, he’s gone rogue Now he’s out there... somewhere Going off the rails, He went rogue He went.....He’s gone rogue 

Blind justice was helpless, 
He pulled her blindfold down Declared truth was fool’s gold And pulled old glory down 
He went... he went rogue. 

Wound up in a spiderweb 
Of adversities, 
He got caught up, strung out 
In eventualities 
(Now he’s)out there somewhere In the unknown going off the rails Gone stone cold rogue 
He went...He went rogue 
He’s gone rogue

About the single: 'Taming the Wolf' 


About Taming the Wolf

I loved the blues since listening to the 50,000 watt clear channel giant WLAC- Nashville, Tennessee. WLAC would announce itself as "the nighttime station for half the nation" and woke me up to what was about to happen, the emergence of the Rock n' Roll era. I was a young boy, who knew nothing about what 'Silky Straight' meant and was clueless about Royal Crown hairdressing and pomade. These products sponsored regular blues hours: Randy's Record Mart with "the Hossman" and Ernie's Record Mart with John R. At night after going to bed, I would put my ear up to the old wooden box radio so my parents would not know I was listening to the likes of Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, and other 'race music'. It was fascinating stuff that bent my mind. I had never heard such emotion and feeling in the singing and playing. The earthy lyrics were colorful, catchy, and strange; they described a life of which I was totally unaware. According to Wikipedia, radio historians say that although the music was intended for the Deep South, a few white teenagers were also attracted to the music. Though not near my teen years, I was one of them.

Not long after that, I found my father's old Stella guitar in the attic, picked it up and began to play. I am still playing and enjoying. Blues is heart and soul. It has powered my musical sojourn. It keeps on giving pleasure and sustenance. The song 'Taming the Wolf' is biographical in nature. I wrote it as my personal struggle of self-discovery and mastering mind and body. Now as the #metoo movement has unfolded I find it startling relevant. At the end of the song I sing, "The wolfman cried for the love of women, I'm crying out for what the soul is giving." So not only let there be respect and love for women, but between all genders, castes, creeds and human beings. Let us all live seeking unity in the diversity of the oneness that we are. This is one explanation for the songs' meaning.


                Fred Hostetler

                1 June 2018

The Unbroken Circle-The Day Goshen College Got the Blues 



  Steve Martin reflects: Fred Hostetler – Blues Tribute and Heart Radio CD release, October 6, 2017

In some ways we opened Ignition Music in the wrong era, a record store that also doubles as a venue and radio station. It would have been fantastic to have this in place when Fred and his musical friends were first playing the blues in 1967. To be able to host Fred & Friends for the release of his new album 'Heart Radio' was the completion of a 50 year cycle. I am inspired that an artist can create great songs at any stage of life.

Steve Martin - Ignition Music Garage, Goshen, IN Ignition Music Garage was recognized in 2014 as one of the Top Ten Favorite Venues in the United States by the Americana Music Association. He hosts a weekly radio show on WGCS 91.1, the Globe.

 When I walked into Ignition Music Garage for the first time, I was wonderstruck! I thought, "Am I time traveling or what? The heart and soul of rock n' roll is here in my own hometown! What a terrific venue." Nostalgia stopped me in my tracks and I just gazed at the surroundings and felt the 'music' of the place. Staring down at me from its hallowed walls were the greats, the legends who had filled life with a momentum that powered generations. Racks of vintage vinyl filled the floor and overflowed to the brick walls as did the spirit of those writers, musicians, and artists who made them. A massive collective energy of creativity was honored and immortalized here.

Smiling in admiration I whispered to myself, "This is a museum of the music and artists that have propelled me on a long hard journey through life." As Paul McCartney sang 'the long and winding road that leads to your door', my road had come full circle back to my beginnings. But vive la difference! How can it be? As Steve Martin noted in his reflection on old timers filling up the place on Oct 6, 2017, it is the completion of a 50 year cycle. The sold out crowd that night left me in awe. Trying to understand the power of music is like trying to understand God. It just must be experienced.

And so it was that I walked into Ignition Music Garage. At long last there is a real club size venue in Goshen to experience everything from national acts to the local music scene and community special events as well. May support for live music be ever increasing, flourish and prosper.

A Night to Remember at BB King's 

Blue By Nature at BB Kings -Universal City


B.B. King's Blues Club - City Walk Universal City, Hollywood, CA (around 1995)

 This is a premier venue for live music and at the time it was doing well. Blue By Nature was given one day a month. The band considered it an honor to play there and everything was pro from the stage to the sound to the smart dressing rooms and good food.

  It was the night of our Blue to Bone album release party. When we came off stage after the first set, the place started to buzz with rumors that BB himself who was attending some function at Universal City might drop in. We finished are 20 minute break and went up for the second set. Half way through the 'King of the Blues' walked in the door. As I am looking that direction for cues and to keep eye contact with band members, I saw him with scarf and overcoat come on to the dance floor. He took a seat reserved at a special table and we finished our set.

 As he was busy, we didn't rush the table to speak him but acknowledged his presence with a smile and a wave and I believe he waved back as we went upstairs to the dressing room. Of course we were concerned that maybe he didn't like the music but all of us noted that he was tapping his fingers in time, smiling and appeared to be enjoying the show. The next thing we knew he walked into our dressing room smiling and saying hello to all of us and shaking hands with everyone. It was a wonderful; a feeling I can never forget. He was dressed high class in a silver grey tailored suit looking very sharp. He then took a moment to talk to all of us:

 "Now I especially came up here to meet you all, because you may see me get up and leave during the next set and I don't want you to think that it is because I don't like the music. I'd like to stay but I have a business meeting to attend here in Universal City. So keep on playing and don't be worried."

 After pictures were taken, he smiled, wished us well and walked out the door along with the few men who had come with him. The room was filled with the sweetness of his kindness and humility. That was part of his legend, his greatness. It was a moment to be remembered.

 Below is the link Blue by Nature 'Blue to the Bone' video at BB Kings with special guests the Memphis Horns and the original band: Karen Lawrence-vocals, Rick Dufay formerly with Aerosmith on guitar, Dan Potruch - drums, Charlie Diaz on bass guitar and myself on second guitar.