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"5 STARS * * * * * "... it’s a gem."


4 STARS ****  MusicNews-UK “He plays a mean slide…writes meaningful songs. A fine listen." (Andy Snipper)

Artist:  Fred Hostetler 
Genre: Indie singer-songwriter, Americana, Adult Alternative Rock, Blues, Blues Rock, Folk Rock
Track List: 
1.Rain Walking (3:26)
2. Walking You Home (3:16)
3. Orphan Blues* (3:09)
4. Where is Bob Marley (3:15)
5. The Way the World Turns (3:39)
6. You Found Me (3:25)
7. Happy Fingers (2:44) 
    Writer: Fred Hostetler (ASCAP) 
     Publisher: Hostel Music (ASCAP)    

Producer: Self-produced, recorded & performed

Mixed by Eric Troyer (additional vocals & keys) and Fred Hostetler*

Vocals: Karen Lawrence featured on Where is Bob Marley.

CD Review Will Phoenix/Newsbreak- Fred Hostetler 'Rain Walking' (Mukthiland Records): "The disc opens on the title track “Rain Walking.” A beautiful, simple folk-based track that is sure to be appreciated by anyone who has ever kissed a lover in the rain. “Orphan Blues" is a funky, swampy blues slide-guitar-centered song about how loss and life are inescapably entwined. It is surprisingly comforting and undoubtedly universally understood. Rain Walking is an exceptional example of Hostetler’s ability to go beyond being a songful storyteller, once more refusing to be defined by one genre or one label, presenting songs about love, human perseverance, overcoming obstacles, and appreciating what one has in life. #FredHostetler #rainwalking #mukthilandrecords #singersongwriter #newsbreak #publiciteeguy195


SINGLE Release Oct. 25, 2023

Artist: Fred Hostetler 
Genre: Rock, Adult Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Americana    
Producer: Self-produced, recorded & performed
Mixed by Eric Troyer (additional vocals & keys) Cover: David Brown

Artist’s comments:
  There is something about walking in the rain that reaches into the soul. Here, the story of personal travails and vicissitudes translates into a universal life experience. It can at once be uplifting, evocative, and sentimental, pulling up memories of struggle and hardship, but somehow harmonizing it all with a joy that seems to emanate from the experience itself. I call it ‘rain walking’.

Video clip:

  Casting a mood of reflection, acoustic guitars and keyboard blend together to create a poignant floating layer of support to Hostetler’s lyric vocal. It is a state where ‘rain walking’ is the natural course of life. Efforts and failures and the resulting growth end with resolve to keep walking through it all one step at a time. Still standing, moving on with a sense of gratitude for an experience that has ripened into a valued moment in time.  

In Review: 

“Rain Walking is a phenomenal track, reminiscent of late 70’s - early 80’s Folk/Ballad Music….with a resolute joy in his words, one of reflective wisdom, a vocal …similar to John Lennon as in the song “Woman”.  -IndiePulseMusic

“a lovely, quiet number that showcases his ability to craft a song that stirs the imagination as well as the emotion”-Prof.Johnny Porter

rock & blues international (pg 51-2)                   


“I still marvel at how a strong thought becomes an idea that makes me pick up my guitar, and then somehow a riff appears that leads me on into some phrases that turn into a lyric which ends up as a song. Is it some sort of magic? Bob Marley certainly had the magic. He songs rose up from the ‘mud’ of Jamaican street life and “bloomed like a lotus flower”, enchanting fans around the world. Listen to his songs and enjoy!

In a recent reminiscing moment, I thought of how Bob Marley came out of nowhere and swept two generations of music lovers up into happiness, hope, community, and social awareness. In so doing his music and presence brought diverse people together. Who is here today that can rise up to the task to the need to lift us out of political pettiness to enjoy a life of togetherness. This is my modest offering of thanks to him”. Fred Hostetler


Album Release - Wall of Dreams