“I still marvel at how a strong thought becomes an idea that makes me pick up my guitar, and then somehow a riff appears that leads me on into some phrases that turn into a lyric which ends up as a song. Is it some sort of magic? Bob Marley certainly had the magic. He songs rose up from the ‘mud’ of Jamaican street life and “bloomed like a lotus flower”, enchanting fans around the world. Listen to his songs and enjoy!

In a recent reminiscing moment, I thought of how Bob Marley came out of nowhere and swept two generations of music lovers up into happiness, hope, community, and social awareness. In so doing his music and presence brought diverse people together. Who is here today that can rise up to the task to the need to lift us out of political pettiness to enjoy a life of togetherness. This is my modest offering of thanks to him”. Fred Hostetler


Latest Album Release - Wall of Dreams

Mukthiland Records


Artist: Fred Hostetler (Indie artist, singer-songwriter)

Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Blues Rock, Americana

Producer: Self-produced