1. Orphan Blues
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Artist: Fred Hostetler (Indie artist, singer-songwriter)
Genre: Blues, Blues Rock, Americana, New Folk
Producer: Self-produced, recorded, & performed
Writer: Fred Hostetler (ASCAP)
Publisher: Hostel Music (ASCAP) ,
Official Release Date: February 13, 2023


Orphan Blues

At 3am in the morning, I sat straight up in bed
I heard the telephone ringing, ringing in my head

When the phone rings after midnight, you know the news ain't good
Something's happened somewhere, you better knock on wood.

Well I Jumped out of bed...ran around, searching for my phone,
When I picked it up a voice told me, your mother has passed on.

I bowed down my head, a tear ran down my cheek
Dropped down on my knees, couldn’t find the words to speak.

Well it's a hard hard lesson, when a loved one's gone away,
You miss them morning noon and night, each and every day

Now Mother’s gone gone gone gone gone and I got the orphan blues, She’s gone
Now Mother’s gone gone gone, ya and I got the orphan blues
She’s gone
Don’t know where I’m a going, or what I’m gonna do

You know I really love that woman, I tell the world I do
You know I really love that woman, I tell the world I do
Now I’m a motherless child, I got the orphan blues. (2x)

Remember mother's advice, hold fast to the right,
Walk in the light and you’ll be alright