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Reckless Independence

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Artist: Fred Hostetler (Hostel Music, ASCAP)
Self-produced, written, recorded & performed
Mixed by Eric Troyer (additional vocals & keys)
Time 3:28 - Bpm 105

Description: A romping good-natured autobiographical song in which Hostetler relates the condition which fostered his life-long musical sojourn and 0.5% of his experiences along the way.
Artist’s comments: This song (believe it or not) is truth based. What a concept! It reminds me of blues legend John Lee Hooker’s, great lyric:
I heard papa tell mama
Let that boy boogie-woogie
It's in him, and it gots to come out
That ‘gots to come out’ for me is encapsulated by the words Reckless Independence. The phrase also seems applicable to 4th of July celebrations in my home country this year. As the nation appears to be on the back foot of the ‘road to ruin’ struggling to find its way back to the ‘cool cool drive on the interstate/inner state of life’, I wish all fellow travelers the best possible outcome on the journey and traveling mercies to all.
* * * *


Reckless Independence (F. Hostetler) (ASCAP-Hostel Music)

It all started when I was just a baby boy...three years old,
I snuck out the back door
I rode my tricycle, to the railroad tracks
Followed a freight train to the mainline and I never looked back
Mama ran out the door she saw I was gone 
She yelled at my father this won’t end well...
Your son is showing signs of, he’s showing signs of

Reckless independence on the highway to hell
That boys got Reckless independence
Reckless independence,
Now that’s just Reckless independence on the highway to hell,

Where it’s gonna stop, no one can tell
There’s a lot happening out there
On the highway to hell 
And I found out ... yes I found out....
There’s some serious consequences
Unexpected repercussions
To reckless independence ...
On the highway to hell

Now you don’t know the half of it and the rest I can’t tell
I followed the muse and she put me through know
New York City to Seattle, and down to LA
Seems like I’m dodging bullets, all the way
Music was my ride but barely kept me alive
I guess I’m just lucky and I’m here to tell the tale
Of reckless independence on the highway to hell .
That boy’s got reckless independence, reckless independence 
Now that’s just reckless independence on the highway to hell...Yeah...

I’m just cruising along the ‘inner state’ of life....
I survived the road to ruin...
And I left that highway of strife, I left it behind…
Now I’m going for a, cool cool drive.... down the ‘inner state’ of life.