1. Dreamers Dream

From the recording Wall of Dreams EP

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Producer: F. Hostetler Composer: Fred Hostetler
Mix engineer, additional vocals, and keyboards: Eric Troyer


5. Dreamers Dream (4:12) F.Hostetler(Hostel Music-ASCAP)

Dreamers hope
Dreamers see and dreamers cope
Dreamers dream, showing the way,
Spinning through space and time into the expanse
We go, we go

Dreamers weep
Dreamers wail
Dreamers walk on the inner trail
Sometimes they’re heroes, sometimes losers, and sometimes
Champions alone and unknown

World is a dreamer’s dream
In the flow where the river goes
There dreamers see with soulful eyes
Hear the sounds that the shadows sing
Everything without is within, a dreamer’s dream
Is a dreamer’s dreamers

Dreamers fear, dreamers fail
Dreamers fall and dreamers prevail
Sometimes they’re heroes, sometimes losers, sometimes
Champions of the soul.

See the world floating by,
Spinning through space and time
Across the expanse where we go

Dreamers seek and sometimes find
A place of joy beyond the mind.
Dreamers dream... dreamers dream...dream on…dream on, dream on