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He's Gone Rogue

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‘He’s Gone Rogue’: quite possibly a new analogy of our Era…a statement on the new abnormal.” IndiePulseMusic. Acoustic guitar fingerpicking romps along over layered drums with pedal steel guitar providing the melodrama for this contemporary country single.


He’s Gone Rogue (F.Hostetler ascap)
Time for intervention,
You know what he’s done
He went rogue, he’s gone rogue
Now he’s out there... somewhere
Going off the rails, He went rogue
He went.....He’s gone rogue
Blind justice was helpless,
He pulled her blindfold down
Declared truth was fool’s gold
And pulled old glory down
He went... he went rogue.
Wound up in a spiderweb
Of adversities,
He got caught up, strung out
In eventualities
(Now he’s)out there somewhere In the unknown going off the rails Gone stone cold rogue
He went...He went rogue
He’s gone rogue