‘Rain Walking’ (3:27)
Artist: Fred Hostetler
Genre: Rock, Adult Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Americana
Producer: Self-produced, recorded & performed
Drawing: David Brown
Mixed by Eric Troyer (additional vocals & keys)
Writer: Fred Hostetler (ASCAP)
Publisher: Hostel Music (ASCAP)
Official Release Date: October 25, 2023


‘Rain Walking’

Just a walking in the rain
Just thinking how we met
Something magic happened then
And it’s a feeling, that hasn’t stopped yet
My clothes are soaking wet, and I’m trying, trying to forget
All the rain, all this walking in the rain…rain walking, rain walking

Time and distance softly talking
To the tune of dropping water
Caught in the rain your face splashes
Cross my mind in crazy crazy sunshine patterns
A rain of change swept us apart
Rearranged our days, our separate ways
Now all, that remains, is rain walking…rain walking

And they say it’s raining …all over the world tonight
But I’m still feeling the heat of the warm warm sunlight
You brought…to life, yeah …
I’m still rain walking…