Latest Album Release - Wall of Dreams

Mukthiland Records


Artist: Fred Hostetler (Indie artist, singer-songwriter)

Genre: Rock, Progressive Rock, Blues Rock, Americana

Producer: Self-produced

"In a Parallel Universe This Will be The Soundtrack to the Fourth Summer of Love."

...The Rocking Magpie

 "Hostetler feels no particular constraints or boundaries to expressing himself through music...that’s what attracts me to Wall Of Dreams the most."

...Hot Wax Album Reviews by the ROCK DOCTOR-John Kereiff


Wall of Dreams EP is the fourth album release by Fred Hostetler since returning in 2018 from 17 years in India and is the followup to Fortuna Redux. He is a blues-loving American singer-songwriter and a rock era survivor who co-founded the seminal LA-based blues rock band Blue By Nature in the 90’s. He worked with major artists like Johnny Winter, Graham Parker, The Knack, Billy Squire, and Jeff Beck, as well as Grammy-winning producer Jack Douglas. He now resides on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest.Hostetler recently received the UK’s 2021 Severn FM (UK) - The Blues Hour ‘Industry Award’. Wall of Dreams Ep is a cohesive thematic work which harkens back to progressive rock days.